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Making Money with Gift Cards in Nigeria

1 year, 7 months ago

Chances are that at one time or another, you cleaned up an old drawer and discovered a pile of unused old items. Naturally, your reaction should be sheer joy but it fades into a bummer as you recall why you left them there in the first place. 

Either you fall in the category of people that have no idea what to do with it or, you don’t just know where to begin. This used to be the case for gift cards. 


What are Gift Cards? 

These are prepaid cards that have been loaded with a set sum of money, and you can use them to make purchases from particular retailers. 

There are different types, nations, and denominations of gift cards.


Types of Gift Cards

1. Physical and electronic gift cards are both available. 

2. Physical Branded Gift Cards: These are branded plastic cards purchased from actual shops. 

3. E-gift cards are often referred to as Ecodes. These are digital codes that you may purchase online and have sent or texted to you.

Majority of Nigerians are unaware of the worth of gift cards. But, rather than burying unwanted gift cards, you can exchange them for cash. 

It turns out that cashing out with your gift cards is a fairly simple process. Here are a few ideas for making money with your gift cards:


Resell via trading platforms; 


There are a ton of secure trading platforms that can assist you in selling your gift cards to people who need them. Trading platforms like FlashChange are a one-stop medium for trading gift cards. One thing that makes this trading platform superb is that it is not only easy to use even for non-miners, but you also get 95 percent cash back when you convert unused gift cards on the app. This cash can be used to make any purchases you like and can also be moved to your bank account. 

When you trade with secure platforms, you are assured of fraud protection because they ensure the security of your gift card transactions. 

Why is this crucial?

Well, you need to take into account all potential security concerns when considering the benefits of selling a gift card via a trading platform vs selling directly to someone on social media. If you exchange gift cards in person, you may come across online scammers who steal the cards without paying you as agreed.


Don't buy gift cards using credit card points

If you want to get the most out of your credit card rewards, avoid converting your points, or cash into gift cards. Instead, spend some time learning which reward and redemption methods provide the best rates. Even though you can use credit card rewards to buy gift cards, you'll frequently receive a lower value than you would if you used your points to pay for statement credits, travel, or online purchases.

Exchanging your gift cards with cash is no longer rocket science, especially with a trading platform that makes it simpler. Hence, the next time you consider stashing cards away, think of how much you could make from trading it. 


Have a question about exchanging your gift card?  Send us a chat on WhatsApp (+234 907 437 7733) for clarification. 


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