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Join the Race: FlashChange Exclusive Referral Contest; Winner Takes All

10 months, 4 weeks ago

Are you ready for a thrilling competition that could land you a grand prize of Two Million Naira? Come Come! Get ready to dive into the excitement as we unveil the enticing details of this huge opportunity.


The Grand Prize

What would you do with Two Million Naira?   Yes, you read that right! FlashChange is offering the chance of a lifetime to One lucky  winner. But how can you claim this premium reward? Keep reading to find out!


How to Participate


  1. Download and Register: The first step is to download the FlashChange app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once you have it installed, register with your details.
  2. Create Your Unique Username: Stand out from the crowd by creating a unique Username that represents you. 
  3. Spread the Word: Share your Username far and wide within your friends and  network. Encourage them to sign up for FlashChange using your Username as their referral code.


How it Works


  • Every time someone joins the Flashchange family using your Username as their referral code, you'll start earning Flashtokens (Flashchange's very own currency which you can convert to Naira anytime you want).
  • But that's not all! The more people register and trade using your username, the higher your ranking in the contest.
  • As the competition comes to a close, the top contestants will be announced for the final draw . It's a game of wits, networking, and some luck!


Terms and Conditions

  • To rack up points and climb the ranks, the users that sign up with your Username as a referral code must complete a minimum of one trade within the Flashchange app.
  • Transparency is key! You'll be able to see how you're faring in the competition by keeping an eye on the leaderboard.


This is your chance to shine, to seize the moment, and to show your hustle. Are you ready? Lets get it!


Get started Now


Download the FlashChange app now from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Register, generate your unique username, and start sharing to climb the ranks. Goodluck!  

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