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How To Avoid Scammers Trading Gift Cards In Nigeria

1 year, 2 months ago

One of the biggest fears of anyone trading anything online is being scammed or defrauded. Statistics show that 1-in-10 adults are likely to be scammed from an online transaction yearly. Gift cards trading are not left out as well.

Gift cards are prepaid cards, given as gifts, which can be used to get specific goods and services from certain organizations. It is not news that many people now engage in its trade, this can be for quite a number of reasons ranging from unwanted items to urgent need for cash etc. This process of buying and selling unused or partially used gift cards outside the organization that produced them is called gift card trading. 

With the increasing levels of gift card trading there is increased risk of being scammed. It is therefore important to be extra careful when trading your giftcards online.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid getting scammed:

  1. Learn: Familiarize yourself with the process of trading gift cards, the value of your card, the website you want to trade on, their rates, etc. A comprehensive knowledge of all this keeps you armed with enough information to be able to detect a possible scam before it happens. 

Some of the tactics employed by these fraudsters include selling fake gift cards, creating fake trading websites, offering gift cards as payment options for certain goods on e-platforms, coercing victims through subtle threats to pay for items through purchased gift cards.

Learn as much as you can about the platform or vendor you are looking to trade your card with. 

  1. Use of safe and trusted trading platforms: Security is a pivotal characteristic of any trustworthy trading site. This in essence guarantees the safety of the client’s account and gift card, so the system can’t be easily hacked into. For instance, Flashchange provides extra security for users trading on its platforms and a dedicated 24/7 customer care support. Another advantage of using trusted platforms is that you get value for your money and instant payment upon card verification.


  1. Stay alert: It is very important that the same way you would not divulge your debit or credit card details to just any random person in the name of being a company representative, that you do likewise with your gift card as well. No reputable organization would call you to ask for your card details. So stay alert and be watchful, and if for any reason you have actual concerns about the state of your account, make a call to the official customer service of the issuing company.

With each passing day, the risk of being swindled especially through online transactions increases, the above points if followed would greatly reduce your chances of being a victim of such. 

Stay safe and stay alert!

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